Deductible assistance program!

Through our experience as a restoration company, the main complaint or difficulty for the property owner is paying a hefty deductible that accompanies any loss. Losses could include mold, water damage, storm damage, smoke & fire damage.

We have figured out a way to help you, as our customer, to cover this cost. What we do is set you up on our deductible assistance program for only $10 per month no matter the size of your home. As a member of our deductible assistance program, we will pay the deductible for you. Even if your insurance company denies your claim and forces you to pay out of pocket we will still pay the deductible amount to the total bill, saving you additional out of pocket expenses.

What a lot of people don't know is that since the early 2000's almost all insurance providers have changed their policies related to mold by taking mold-related issues completely out of your insurance policy. This change has made it close to impossible to have a mold claim approved due to the fact that mold usually develops over long periods of time and insurance companies see that as a failure as a homeowner to catch the problem before it gets worse. With our deductible assistance program, we will help to reduce the stress from out of pocket costs for only $10 a month! We will cover what your deductible would have been if we are called out to mitigate the issue for you.

Before approving your membership to our deductible assistance program, we will come by and do a thorough inspection making recommendations to help reduce your chances of having future water damage to your home.

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