Water Damage Restoration Dry-Out services Gold Canyon

Here, at Good Times Restoration we are more than just any regular restoration company in Gold Canyon, we offer our customers an exceptional experience throughout the whole process from stressed out from a flood in your house, back to good times. Dry-Out is a service we offer as a part of our Water Damage Restoration Gold Canyon. The Dry-Out is one of the most critical pieces to the puzzle that water damage restoration can make. After we have stopped the water source, then if necessary we perform a demo of the area and get all the contaminated or materials that are too saturated and are ruined. Once the demo is completed then we begin the dry-out process which has three phases.

Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Being an IICRC certified firm, Good Times Restoration follows the s500 standards of equipment for completing a Water Damage Restoration job. The first phase of completing a dry-out is selecting the correct equipment for that job. You have several types of fans to choose from; snout nose fans, axial fans, Studebaker fans. Each fan has its pros and cons so making sure you choose which type fan you need for each job is huge in the amount of time it takes to dry-out your commercial or residential property in Gold Canyon. Next, you'll want to choose between the different types of dehumidifiers you want to use as well. There are typically 3 types of dehumidifiers; dessicant, conventional refrigerant dehumidifier, and LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifier.

Equipment Set-up

After choosing the equipment for your job, we then will set-up the equipment making sure that everything is in the correct place as well as setting up special drying chambers if needed. You can also use lay flat ducting in order to direct air in a specific area, or an area that is difficult to dry otherwise. When following the IICRC guidelines for water damage restoration you have a dehumidifier calculation for how many dehumidifiers you need. Also placing a fan every 50-70 ft.

Equipment monitoring and Moisture mapping

Every day you can expect your Good Times Restoration tech to come by your commercial or residential property to check up on the equipment, check on the dry-out progress, and make adjustments to the equipment. We keep daily charts of how much moisture is in the air and in the structure so that we know we have a good drying system in play. After all necessary adjustments have been made, then you can expect a personal daily update on how the restoration is going so that you know where we are at with everything and keep you updated on a possible finish date.

Residential Services

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