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Tempe Arizona was founded in 1894 and currently has a population of 185,038. It has a square mileage of 40.1. Tempe has many attractions including the home of ASU's main campus. Another fun thing to do is to rent the scooter and roll around downtown and go by Tempe town lake. Tempe also features many nightlife attractions as well as many good food places such as the mom and pop sandwich shop Munch-a-mania. 

Restoration Services in Tempe Arizona

Tempe Water damage restoration

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Tempe Mold remediation

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Tempe Fire & Smoke restoration

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Tempe Sewage Clean-up

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Restoration Company of Tempe

Life is going to do what it wants. Sometimes that means your home will be damaged. Good Times Restoration is a water damage restoration company in Tempe that happily offers its restoration services to the people of Tempe. If your home is damaged by fire, water, or sewage, we are ready to come and help restore your home to the way it was meant to be. There are many ways your home can get water damage, from leaking pipes, broken water supply lines, roof leaks. If you ever incur any of these damages please do not hesitate to call Good Times Restoration. We will be on our way to your property within 60 min. Our restoration services are done by experts using our experience for you and your family. To bring you back to good times! 

Your Tempe Restoration Company, Call Whenever You Need Us

As an experienced restoration company, we know that a damaging catastrophe can happen at any time. We offer our services 24/7, day or night, to you and your family in Tempe. Whether you wake up in the morning to a layer of water on your floors or you encounter a Sewage overflow before bed, we will always be available to you, ready to come to your Tempe home and begin the process of restoring it to its former glory. We will begin by doing an inspection of the property and trying to stop the damage from getting worse. We will then begin extracting the water or sewage and sanitize the entire area and begin the drying process! We will bring you back to Good Times!

Fire and Storm Environmental Remediation

Part of our environmental remediation services involves fire and water restoration. Both of these disasters can cause damage to the very structure of your Tempe home, putting you and your family in danger. Our experts know the safest way to handle assessments and repairs, including restoring damaged areas of your Tempe home. Let us handle the repairs so that you can relax and enjoy your newly restored home.

Tempe Water Damage Restoration Company

Water and sewage can cause a lot of damage to your home. Our experts are always ready to come and remove the excess water from your home and restore it to what it should be. Water causes more damage the longer it stays in your home. Contact us immediately so that we can prevent further damage to your Tempe home and restore your home for you and your family to enjoy. Our water damage restoration services include the removal of the excess water, drying your walls and floors, and repairing damage to your home.

Residential Services

Water Damage Restoration

The professional water damage restoration experts at Good Times Restoration in Tempe are prompt, reliable, and professional.

Sewage Clean-up

At Good Times Restoration, our team is dedicated to sewage removal that will make your business safe for everyone.

Mold Remediation

Whenever you find mold In your home it is VERY important to take care of that ASAP! The professional mold experts at Good Times Restoration will be prompt, reliable, and professional!

Fire Damage Restoration

It is important that you have an expert fire restoration company to inspect your commercial property.