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Mold can grow almost anywhere and thrives in warm, moist environments. Every home experiences some mold from time to time in commonly moist areas like the shower or damp windowsills. For these types of areas, a regular cleaning with bleach will suffice. However, when significant mold is found in a home, it can be the cause of significant damage and, worse, cause health problems for you and your family. Call Good Times Restoration Tempe if you have mold in your home. We’re always ready to help.

Mold Remediation Services


The process begins when we arrive at your home to inspect your mold problem. With the assistance of certified hygienists, Good Times Restoration will determine the appropriate remediation techniques for your situation. You can rest assured that your mold problems will be properly addressed. After we’ve completed the work, we utilize clearance tests to ensure that the job was done correctly.

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My wife and I had a huge leak in our kitchen that was becoming a nightmare and creating lots...
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joseph arreola

We had a huge leak emergency that caused mold to grow in our house while I was 9 months pregnant.... read more

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Megan Campbell

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Paige Udeozor

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