A step by step walk through of a water damage restoration job in Chandler

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

House maintenance is something that can prevent future damages if done in timely intervals. Unfortunately in this case the roof was far past its prime and allowed water to leak into the house and affect the laundry room as well as the master bedroom. During a heavy rainstorm, water dripped through the roof and ran down the underside of the osb found in the roof. It than dripped directly in the middle of the laundry room ceiling as well as running down the master bedroom ceiling which then affected two more walls.

When Good Times Restoration Chandler arrived on scene, the light in the laundry room was completely filled with water. In the master bedroom two walls were completely saturated, the carpet was wet, and the ceiling showed signs of water damage. Upon further inspection in the attic mold was quickly discovered and it was clear there had been a roof leak for awhile.

After being given approval, it was time to begin work. All contents were moved outside of the room so that they would not become dirty from the demolition dust. Containment was setup in order to reduce the chances of any dust, debris or contaminants from spreading out of the affected areas.

Next it was time to begin the demolition work. Because the water involved in the leak was category 3, all wet material would need to be removed. The carpet and pad were the first things to go. Next all affected baseboards were removed. As soon as these were gone the drywall on a quarter of the ceiling in the master bedroom, half of one wall, and all of another wall had to be removed. The entire ceiling in the laundry room had to be removed as well. Lastly all wet insulation had to be removed and discarded.

At this point it was time to take care of the mold that was found in the ceiling. Fortunately none of the mold had spread to the walls or attic.

Once complete with the mold remediation it was now time to begin water damage restoration and begin drying the work. 1 dehumidifier, 1 air scrubber, 2 axial fans and 3 centrifugal fans were used. The equipment was monitored daily and after 2 days of drying, 2 of the axial fans were removed. 2 days later the rest of the building materials were down to dry standards and it was time to pull the remainder of the equipment.

At the conclusion of the dry out, it was now time to begin the reconstruction of the Chandler home. The first step was to replace any insulation that was removed during demolition. Next it was time to replace any drywall that was removed. A few baseboards, some carpet pad and some carpet later, the structure was back to pre loss condition.

Good Times Restoration is very close to Chandler being based out of Tempe. We can be onsite fast to assist you with any of your water damage restoration in Chandler, water mitigation in Chandler, water restoration in Chandler or mold remediation in Chandler. Time is very critical when it comes to water damage so do not hesitate to call at the first signs of a flood or leak.

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