Category 2 Water Loss

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The water restoration industry classifies water losses into 3 categories that are based on how much contamination is believed to be in the water. Category 2 water losses are defined as water that has a contaminants present in it. This can be biological, chemical or physical. This type of water damage poses a risk to causes sickness or discomfort if ingested or contacted directly on the skin.

Some examples of common causes of category 2 water losses include, overflowing washing machines, dishwasher leaks, leaking aquariums, or plumbing leaks that occur inside the wall or ceiling and cause water to flow through building materials. Water leaks that originate inside a wall or ceiling need to be treated with extra caution because there could be unknown contaminants inside the structure.

As with any water damage it is critical to address the situation as fast as possible to prevent further damage. Water will damage can continue to spread if not treated by a professional water restoration company in a timely matter. It also has the potential to increase in severity over time as well. A category 1 or 2 loss will eventually turn into a category 3 loss if given enough time. Protect yourself as well as your property and contact a water damage expert as soon as any water damage is discovered.


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