Category 3 Water Loss

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

When categorizing water damage the water restoration industry breaks down water losses into three categories based on how contaminated the water is believed to be. Category 3 water losses, sometimes referred to as black water, are grossly contaminated and often contain pathogens that can be harmful to your health.

Some common causes for these types of water damage are sewage back ups, flood waters that can originate from washes, rivers, lakes or the sea, roof leaks, water that has traveled across the ground and any other source that could be highly contaminated. Water that has flowed across the ground has the potential to have been contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, organic materials, heavy metals or other toxic substances so it is critical to treat it with caution. Water that has flown through mold is another common category 3 loss. Make sure to call a Restoration Company ASAP to have these problems assessed and mitigated.

In the event a category 3 loss occurs it is very important to treat the situation seriously and get a water restoration expert like Good Times Restoration out to assess the situation as soon as possible. Anyone who is pregnant, Elderly, under 2 years of age, or has a weakened immune system is at the greatest risk. It is strongly encouraged to vacate the premises when these types of losses occur.

With any water damage time is very critical. Water will often continue spreading and causing more damage if not addressed in a reasonable time frame. Category 1 or 2 losses have a strong potential to escalate to a higher class if left for longer lengths of time as well so not only could the water damage spread but the severity could increase as well. Protect yourself as well as your property and contact a water restoration expert as soon as any water damage is discovered.


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