Common Causes for Water Damage in Gilbert

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Water damage has the possibility of striking any Gilbert home or business. Unfortunately these types of disasters are usually unforeseen and very rarely happen at a convenient time. When water damage is discovered, it is highly recommended to take care of the situation as soon as possible. Water damage often spreads over time and can even lead to mold if left untreated. Good Times Restoration is a full service water restoration company that services all of Gilbert as well as many other parts of the valley. We would be happy to assist you for any of your water mitigation needs. Here are some common ways water damage could happen at your Gilbert home or commercial building.

Gilbert Leaking Water Supply Line:

Each appliance, faucet and toilet are supplied water through water supply lines. It is not uncommon for these to leak and if not caught in time, these can create water damage.

Gilbert Roof Leak:

A roof leak can very easily cause water damage or mold if not fixed in a relatively fast manner. These are typically caused by storms, strong wind or old age. It is strongly recommended to give your roof a once over every now and then to make sure it is not damaged. If ever in doubt, having a roofer check your roof could save you from damages down the road.

Gilbert Washing Machine Leak:

A washing machine spill is something that can dump many gallons of water unto your laundry room floor in relatively little time. There a several ways that this can happen but common ways include washing machine overflow due to faulty sensors, washing machine drain hose leaks and washing machine leaks due to broken parts.

Gilbert Refrigerator Leak:

Refrigerator leaks are fairly common. Typically this is caused by the water supply line that feeds the fridge water. These are often made out of plastic an can break or leak. Broken or faulty parts inside the refrigerator can also lead to water damage.

Gilbert Hot Water Heater Leak:

Hot water heaters are a common cause of water damage in the Gilbert area. This can be caused by a number of reasons some examples including plumbing leaks, broken pipes, mineral build up, corrosion and failed parts. Anyone of these situation could lead to water damage. Unfortunately most people do not check their hot water heater very often so these types of leaks can often go undetected for sometime. This could lead to mold growth.

Gilbert Plumbing Leak:

A plumbing leak can be caused by many factors. In most cases these will result in water damage. Anytime a plumbing leak is discovered, it is very important to shut off the water so that the damage will be limited.

Gilbert Storm Damage:

Storms have several ways to reek havoc on your Gilbert home or business. High winds, rain and flooding can push water into area that were not intended to have it which often causes water damage. These can very easily lead to roof damage as well which is an easy way for water to create water damage.

Gilbert Sewage Backup / Gilbert Sewage Spill:

A sewage backup is often a home or business owners worst nightmare. This type of flood is something that needs to be taken serious and we recommended leaving the clean up to an expert water damage restoration company. It is very important to consider safety in these types of situations. If possible vacate the area.

Gilbert Broken Pipe:

A broken or burst pipe can cause a lot of water damage in a hurry. You should first shutoff the main water supply then contact a professional water damage restoration company for water removal. These types of leaks often require water extraction and it is recommended to use professional grade equipment.

Gilbert Air Conditioner Pan Leak:

In certain situations your air conditioner pan can leak or overflowing leading to water damage in your attic. Common causes for this include rusted or damaged pans and plugged drains.

Gilbert Dishwasher Leak:

There is several ways a dishwasher can leak. Some causes include damaged seals, plumbing leaks, plugged drains and faulty parts. In any case your kitchen can suddenly become full of water and suds.

Gilbert Toilet Leak:

Toilet leaks have several possible causes and are fairly common. Some examples include leaking supply lines, broken toilet tanks, broken toilet bowls, toilet overflows and sewage backups. In any case water damage could easily follow.

Gilbert Monsoon Damage:

With monsoon season right around the corner, a potential risk for water damage will soon be arriving. Monsoons are typically associated with heavy rains and strong winds. This can sometimes cause flooding as well.

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