Tempe's Common Causes for Water Damage in Your Home

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Water is a force that has the potential to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in short order. Unfortunately water damage also typically strikes unexpectedly. Anytime water damage is discovered, it is strongly recommended to contact a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Water damage is not something we recommend to try and handle without the correct equipment and experience. Good Times Restoration offers 24/7 emergency response as well so even if a flood, leak or spill happens in the middle of the night, help is only one call away. Here are some common causes of water damage in Tempe.

Tempe Roof Leak:

Many factors can lead to roof damage. Common causes are storm damage, wind, old age and lack of maintenance. Anyone of these scenarios could lead to a roof that no longer holds out the elements like it was built to do. If left damaged, water damage and mold will usually be quick to follow. It is strongly recommended to check your roof periodically and make sure it is 100%.

Tempe Broken Pipe:

A broken pipe is something that has the potential to deposit a lot of water in very little time if not caught almost immediately. Many factors can lead to having a broken pipe in your home or business. Some examples include freezing weather, old age, and defective materials but the most common cause is usually unintentionally damaging a pipe. These kind of water leaks will almost always need water extraction and it is recommended to contact a company that offers 24/7 emergency response if a leak happens after hours.

Tempe Broken Water Supply Line:

Each faucet, toilet, washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator is supplied water through water supply lines. In some cases these supply lines can break depositing a ton of water in a short amount of time. Water extraction is usually needed for these types of leaks.

Tempe Hot Water Heater Leak:

Hot water heaters can leak from several reasons. Defective parts, old age, plumbing leaks and failing sensors are usually the culprit. These types of leaks can sometimes go awhile before being detected since the typical person does not check on their hot water heater often. If ever in doubt of your hot water heaters health, have a plumber check it out.

Tempe Leaking Dishwasher:

A dishwasher has several ways it could fail. Unfortunately many scenarios result in a kitchen full of water and soap suds. Clogged drains, defective parts, and plumbing leaks are most often the culprits.

Tempe Plumbing Leak:

Plumbing leaks can happen for a variety of reasons. Some examples include defective parts, old age or damaged materials. These leaks can sometimes be slow and go undetected for lengths of time. When this happens mold will usually follow.

Tempe Washing Machine Leak:

There are several ways that a washing machine could leak. Common causes include defective parts, detective sensors, loose drain hose connections or the drain hose coming out of the drain. Anyone of these scenarios could cause several gallons of water to be deposited on your laundry floor in a relatively short amount of time. Water damage will be quick to follow.

Tempe Leaking Refrigerator:

A common cause for water damage is a leak related to your refrigerator. This can be caused by a broken or leaking supply line as well as defective parts inside the refrigerator. The supply line to a refrigerator is typically made out of plastic so it is not that hard for it to be damaged and spring a leak. It can also become brittle over time which also adds to its probability of causing water damage.

Tempe Sewage Backup:

This is by far the worst type of water damage. Although this type of water damage is typically less likely to happen, it does happen from time to time. It usually comes out the lowest floor drain, sink, shower, bath tub, shower, or toilet in the house or building. These types of leaks are not always the easiest to stop either. If this ever occurs at your home or business, it is critical to treat the situation serious. We strongly recommend vacating the area and contacting a water damage restoration company the is capable of sewage extraction.

Tempe Air Conditioner Condenser Pan Leak:

In some cases your air conditioner condenser pan can build up water and overflow into your attic. This can be caused by rust, a damaged pan, or a plugged drain. Any scenario will usually result in water damage.

Tempe Toilet Leak:

A toilet has several ways it can cause water damage. Common leaks are cause by being plugged, a broken bowl, loose connections, leaking connections or a broken supply line.

In almost all cases it is recommended to contact a water restoration professional when it comes to dealing with water damage. Water damage is something that should not be taken lightly and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Good Times Restoration gladly assists all Tempe home and business owners with all of their water damage restoration needs as well as the rest of the Phoenix valley.

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