Common Equipment Used For San Tan Valley Water Damage Restoration

In the event water damage hits, are you ready to tackle to job? Unfortunately the most common answer is no. One way to be ready to handle this type of situation is to have a San Tan Valley water damage restoration expert such as Good Times Restoration in mind ready to call if water damage ever arises. When water damage strikes you San Tan Valley home or San Tan Valley business, having the right equipment plays a large role in correctly repairing the water damage. There are house hold alternatives that can be used successfully in smaller spills but professional equipment will always out perform these substitutes. Good Times Restoration is a San Tan Valley water damage restoration expert that has a full line of equipment ready to be dispatched to dry out your water damage. Here are some common pieces of equipment to expect.

Water Extraction San Tan Valley:

Water extraction is a very critical part of any drying scenario where standing water is present or carpet has become saturated with water. A water extractor is a heavy duty vacuum that was designed specifically for water removal. This is much stronger than a typical wet dry vac and will remove much more water than the common alternative. Special attachments also exist that improve efficiency for water removal in carpet and carpet pad. This piece of equipment comes in both portable and truck mount version that are extremely effective at water removal in San Tan Valley. Anytime a water spill is discovered where water has leaked unto porous materials or many gallons of water are present, it is highly recommended to contact a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company that is capable of water extraction such as Good Times Restoration.

Dehumidifier San Tan Valley:

A dehumidifier is a piece of equipment that removes moisture from the air. This can drastically reduce overall drying time and also keep humidity levels to a safe level. When air movers promote the drying of wet materials, humidity levels can rise. If this levels keeps rising it can reach a point that could create secondary damaged as well as promote microbial growth. The use of dehumidification is a vital part to any drying plan. Good Times Restoration is a San Tan Valley water damage restoration expert that has a full line up of professional grade drying equipment ready to be setup anytime day or night.

Air Movers San Tan Valley:

Air movement is an extremely important part of any drying strategy. It promotes the evaporation of water in wet materials. A typical drying setup will require several air movers to correctly dry all wet materials. The number used is determined by IICRC standards. Air movers come in several varieties including centrifugal, axial and radial version. Each has a specific strength and technicians select which type of fan will be used based on the specific needs at hand. Good Times Restoration is a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company with a full line of air movers ready to be dispatched.

Moisture Meters San Tan Valley:

A good set of moisture meters is the most important part of any San Tan Valley water damage restoration job. These tools allow you to see exactly what materials are wet as well as how wet the materials are. Without these you would be attempting to resolve the issue completely blind. A San Tan Valley water restoration company such as Good Times Restoration will have a full set of meters ready to be used at your home or business.

Air Scrubber San Tan Valley:

Air scrubbers are used to remove contaminants out of the air. This piece of equipment is equipped with a hepa filter which is designed to remove up to 99.97% of contaminates out of the air. This piece of equipment is typically used during demolition as well as category 2 or category 3 losses. Anytime a water damage loss occurs where contaminants could be present, a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company equipped with air scrubbers is a must.

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