Common Techniques to assist Water Damage Dry Outs in Apache Junction.

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

When your Apache Junction property is damaged by water, the destruction can be very stressful and overwhelming. Here at Good Times Restoration we continue to implement the most effective and proven drying techniques so we can restore your Apache Junction property back to pre-loss conditions in a timely manner. Here are the common drying techniques used by your Apache Junction Restoration company.

Floating The Carpet

This drying technique is used when water has saturated a carpeted area in your Apache Junction property. We will remove the damaged pad underneath the carpet, then use the carpet as a drying chamber. This is done by clamping the carpet to the fans and placing fans under the carpet, which makes the carpet appear to be floating. This technique helps significantly reduce drying times of the water soaked subfloor and carpet.

Focused Fan Ducting

This drying method is used to target hard to dry areas. Drying times are reduced significantly by placing plastic ducting over the air movers, which is then routed to problem areas such as beams, joists, crawl spaces, studs, or other saturated areas.

The picture above is from a water damage loss in Apache Junction. As you can see the ducting technique was applied to this Apache Junction property as we focused the drying efforts on the LVL Beam as well as other hard to dry studs.

Drying Chamber

Implementing containment to form a drying chamber is absolutely necessary and plays a key role in the dry out process for your water damaged Apache Junction home. The drying chamber is implemented in the affected area of your home or commercial property, and holds all of the restoration equipment. When containment is set up, it severs multiple purposes. Firstly it separates our work area from the rest of the home, while doing this it also helps contain dust to the work area to help keep your home clean. Secondly it creates a chamber that differs in temperature, relative humidity, and GPP. This difference in psychometrics is ideal for increasing the dry out process while also keeping the rest of your Apache Junction home at a livable temperature.

Pictured above is a containment barrier at an Apache Junction home that separates the water damaged living room from the unaffected kitchen area. The containment wall has an adhesive zipper to allow the Apache Junction home owners access to their kitchen.

If you experience any water damage, be sure to call your Apache Junction Restoration Company, Good Times Restoration.

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