Day 1 on a Water Restoration Job

You arrived home from an ordinary day at work and everything seemed fine until you noticed water running our from underneath your refrigerator. Unfortunately common leaks such as broken supply lines, leaking appliances, hot water heater leaks, plumbing leaks, roof leaks or flooding caused by nature can strike anyone at anytime. Unsure of how to handle the situation you contact a water damage restoration company to come assess the damages and begin restoring the property. As the water technician arrives here is what you should expect on the first day of water mitigation.

Once onsite the water restoration technician will greet you and discuss any known areas that might have been affected by the leaking refrigerator. He or she will next begin taking readings with moisture meters to determine the extent of the damage upon arrival. All wet areas will be noted. After the home owner gives the go ahead its time to begin drying the home.

If any standing water is present, water extraction will be needed. The technician will use either a tuck mounted or portable water extractor to remove as much water as possible. Next if any demolition is needed containment will be set up to keep unwanted dust, debris or contaminants out of unaffected areas of the house.

At the conclusion of the demolition readings will be taken once more to ensure all wet areas are noted and how wet they are. Next dehumidifiers, air movers and sometimes air scrubbers will be set up to dry the wet structure. A drying strategy will be created based on the moisture reading and the equipment will be set up in order to dry the home as fast as possible. Once the equipment has been turned on and has been verified to be working correctly, the technician is done for the day.

Anytime water damage is discovered it is very critical to contact a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Water damage can spread at a very rapid pace and if ignored can often lead to mold growth. Play it safe and call a water mitigation company now.


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