Drying Can be Difficult at Times

Water damage is a force that can strike anyone at any time. Something as simple as a broken water supply line, roof leak, broken toilet, burst pipe, refrigerator supply line, leaking dishwasher or hot water heater leak can add a twist in your routine in a hurry. Under normal circumstances commercial drying equipment is usually capable of drying ordinary water damage in 3 to 5 days if water mitigation work is started in a relatively fast manner. Unfortunately not every water loss will fall into this category and there can be things that slow down the drying process. Here are a few common scenarios that can slow down drying times.

Vapor Layers:

When ever a vapor layer is present, it prevents air flow from effectively reaching wet materials. This often traps water in building materials and significantly extends drying times. Common vapor layers include paint, baseboards, vinyl, double or triple layered drywall and in some cases wall paper.

Dense Materials:

In general softer building materials tend to absorb water easier than dense building materials. On the flip side they tend to dry easier than dense materials as well. When water is absorbed into a dense material such as a hardwood floor, it takes a lot more time and energy to dry than a soft wood counterpart. Specialized equipment is often needed and extended drying times are almost always a side affect. Common dense materials include hard wood floors, concrete and masonry.

Multi Layer Floors:

In many multi level structures multiple layers are a necessary part of the structural design. These floors usually will include an osb plywood sub floor topped with at minimum one layer of flooring. In some cases it can also include a slab of concrete sandwiched between the sub floor and finished floor. When water makes its way in between one of these layers, it becomes extremely difficult to dry. This bound water will almost always need extended drying times and will sometimes need specialized equipment as well.

Extended Times Before Water Restoration is Started:

In the event a water restoration company is not able to start water mitigation in a timely manner, sometimes drying times can be extended as a result. When wet materials sit for long lengths of time in standing water, they have more time to absorb water and as a result become more wet than materials that were only exposed to moisture for a brief amount of time. These materials will take longer to dry than the same material that was exposed to moisture for less time.

Anytime any water damage occurs do not hesitate to contact a professional water damage restoration company. The sooner the are on site, the faster they can dry the materials. A fast response time helps reduce the damage from spreading as well. These types of losses are something we strongly recommend consulting a professional water restoration company to handle.

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