East Valley Water Damage Restoration Start to Finish

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Time is critical when it comes to water damage so if you experience any sort of leak or flood in your East Valley home or business, don't hesitate to call Good Times Restoration.

1. Assessment/Walk Through

Once you have called Good Times Restoration we will send a team of certified technicians to your property to give you a FREE walkthrough and assessment. This entails finding the areas of your home that are wet and have been damaged, the extent of the damage, and developing a mode of action for the entire job.

2. Extraction of Water

If there is standing water, or your carpet/flooring is saturated with water but can be restored water extraction will take place. For water extraction we use a top of the line portable water extractor and an attachment that suits your east valley property the best. This part of the process is very crucial as it significantly reduces drying times and stops the spread of water

3. Containment Barrier

Once the water extraction is completed a containment barrier is then set up. This containment barrier serves multiple purposes. First, it separates the work zone or affected area from the unaffected area. It also contains the dust and contaminants to the affected areas and helps clean up times after the demolition. Finally it serves as a drying chamber and helps keep the temperature, relative humidity, and grains per pound isolated in the affected area to ultimately reduce the dry out times.

4. Demolition

Once containment is set up our team will move forward with the demolition process. Demo takes place when building materials have been saturated by water and are unable to be restored. Another reason for demolition is if water has reached an area that is hard to dry, and by cutting out drywall or removing carpet and pad it allows us to dry your home more efficiently.

5. Dry Out Process

Once demolition is completed and the saturated areas are exposed we will being the dry out process. There is no set time frame for a dry out, this can take anywhere from 2 days, up to multiple weeks. During the dry out process Good Times Restoration will have equipment set up in the work area. Once set up a technician will check on the job daily to track and document the progress of the drying, and adjust or remove equipment accordingly.

6. The Rebuild

Once your home is all dry Good Times Restoration of the East Valley will then begin the reconstruction of your home. This allows us to restore your East Valley home back to its pre-loss condition.


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