Gilbert Supply Line Leak

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

A Supply line is one of the most common areas of failure throughout your plumbing system. Unfortunately when these break hundreds of gallons of water can wind up on the floor of your Gilbert home or Gilbert business in relatively little time. In most cases these types of failures do not happen at a time when you are immediately able to shut off the water so extensive damage can happen very quickly. Although this type of failure can not be eliminated completely, there are some preventative measures that could reduce the probability of a failure.

Before you can address these issues you first must understand where these supply lines are located. Common areas include toilets, sinks, dishwasher, washing machines, refrigerators, hot water heaters and any other appliance that requires water.

The easiest way to prevent this type of failure is to inspect your supply lines periodically. Some common things to consider when evaluating the condition of your supply lines are the materials, age, overall condition and if any damage is present. The materials used can play a large role in the probability of failure. For example plastic is a material the can become dry and brittle over time leading to a much higher chance of failure than an all metal braided substitute. Age is another factor that should be considered. A supply line that is 20 years old has a much higher chance of degrading due to corrosion or becoming brittle than one that is 6 months old. Replacing these in common intervals such as 1 to 2 years is cheap insurance compared to the thousands of dollars worth of damage that could occur if a flood does occur due to a supply line failure. Another common thing to consider is the overall condition of the supply line. If it looks damaged, has mineral deposits or corrosion, failure could be on the horizon. If you ever feel any doubt about the condition of the supply line, replacing it would most likely be a wise decision.

One way to help prevent the extent of damage that could occur if one of these failures does happen is to shut off the water to your home or business anytime you will be away for any extended length of time. We recently came across a similar failure that had resulted in 600,000 gallons of water flowing through the home while the home owners were away at their summer home. The resulting damage completely destroyed the home and it was past the point of being salvageable. We don't want you to have a similar issue so this is an easy way to prevent an extended flood such as this example.

In the event a flood like this does occur, it is very important to contact a water restoration professional such as Good Times Restoration as soon as possible. We are equipped with all of the necessary equipment and know how to make sure the damage is resolved in the correct way. We work with many Gilbert residence as well as other parts of the valley to bring you back to good times.


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