Hot Water Heater Leak

Hot water heaters have a few common areas that have an elevated chance of springing a leak. In most cases the leaks are a result of corrosion, old age, faulty parts, leaking seals, leaking supply lines, or plumbing leaks. A typical hot water heater leak is a slow drip that can usually be difficult to spot. Its not uncommon for these types of weeks to extended for day if not weeks before they are discovered since your hot water heater is typically tucked away deep in a corner of your garage or in a closet. In many cases water will spread to adjacent rooms, mold growth will be discovered, or water will be noticed running out of the garage door. If any of these things are noticed take a look at your hot water heater because this could be the cause. Mold growth is often an unwanted side affect and if it is noticed avoid the area and leave the repairs to a professional.

When these types of leaks are discovered, it is highly recommended to contact a professional such as Good Times Restoration to tackle the water damage. Since these types of leaks can often go undetected for quite some time, mold growth is usually present which requires the correct experience and equipment to properly re mediate. The water damage present also needs to be dried correctly before the damaged materials can be replaced. Good Times Restoration is a water damage restoration expert that would be happy to help with any of your water damage, mold removal or reconstruction needs. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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