How to handle a broken water supply line

Under ordinary circumstances your plumbing and appliance supply lines should give you endless years of trouble free service. Unfortunately in some cases they do break which could leave you with a flooded bathroom, flooded kitchen, flooded laundry room or even a flooded garage. Broken plumbing supply lines, leaking appliances and hot water heater are all common leaks that could happen to anyone at anytime. If not caught in a relatively fast manner, broken water supply lines have the potential to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. It does not take very long for these types of plumbing leaks to flood entire rooms or houses.

When a supply line breaks, the first course of action would be to turn the water off at the valve in which the supply line was connected. Verify that the water has indeed been shut off completely. It is very common for minerals to deposit on these types of valves so if the water is not stopping completely despite shutting off the valve, you might need to shut off the main valve that supplies water to the house. In this case you will want to turn on a hose, sink or shower until the remaining pressure built up in the pipes has been bled off. This will allow any remaining water in the plumbing to drain through areas it was designed to drain rather than unto the floor.

After the water has been shut off use a towel, mop or wet/dry vac to remove as much standing water as possible to prevent it from spreading to surrounding materials in the case of smaller spills. For larger spills, water extraction will almost always be needed.

Once the water has been stopped and any water that is easily removable has been removed, it is time to contact a water damage restoration company. Once onsite they will begin water extraction to remove any remaining standing water. As soon as the water extraction has been completed moisture reading will be taken and a drying strategy will be created. The water restoration company will now set up equipment to dry the home or building.

Although there is never truly a way to completely prevent these types of leaks, there are some strategies that could reduce the chances of these types of house floods from happening. Check or replace your supply lines in regular intervals. If your supply lines are old or show any type of damage it is strongly recommended to change them. This is cheap insurance compared to the damage they can cause if they fail. If you believe your supply lines are in good condition, check them over every few months to make sure they have not been bumped or damaged. Also shut off the plumbing supply valves that these supply lines connect to off and on at least once a year. This can help reduce mineral build up which will allow your valve to function as it should. If neglected for years on end, its not uncommon for these valves to build up mineral deposits which could prevent them from sealing completely.


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