How To Shut the Water Off at Your Home

In the event of a flood, water leak, plumbing leak or any other situation that can cause unwanted water to travel to places it was not intended to, it is very important to shut the water off immediately. Water can cause a ton of damage in a very short amount of time so shutting the water off will help prevent the damage from spreading.

1. Locate the Shutoff Valve:

In most houses the water shut off will be somewhere in the front yard usually in close proximity to your hose connection. Its not uncommon for the shut off to be hidden behind bushes or other vegetation so if you are not finding it don't forget to check there.

2. Turn Off the Valve (Ball Valve):

A common valve used to shut off the water in your home is a ball valve. It is easy to determine because this valve will have a handle that can only turn 90 degrees rather than a round gate that needs to be turned many rotations. When the valve is located, turn the lever 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the pipes it is attached to. This should shut the water off to the house.

2.Turn Off the Valve (Gate Valve):

Another commonly used valve to shut the water off to your home is a gate valve. These valves will have a round gate that will need to be turned multiple rotations clockwise until the valve no longer turns. At this point the water will be shut off to your home.

3. Bleed the Pressure:

Once the water has been shut off turn on a hose, sink or shower to release any stored pressure in the lines. This will allow the remaining pressure to be drained somewhere it was designed to be drained rather than from the location the water leak occurred. Once the pressure has been released it is alright to turn of any hose, sink or shower you might have turned on to release pressure.

4. Contact a Water Restoration Professional:

Water can cause a ton of damage in a very short amount of time so it is very important to contact a water restoration specialist like Good Times Restoration as soon as any water damage is discovered. Water will continue to spread if not addressed so time is critical to mitigate any further flood damage.


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