Identifying Signs of Mold in your Apache Junction home or business

For homeowners or business owners in Apache Junction, mold can be a threat to your property and the people inside of it. Good Times Restoration is here to help YOU identify signs of mold.

Smelling Odors

One of the most recognizable signs of mold is a mildew like odor. You may come to find that these odors are isolated to a certain part of your home in Apache Junction. Often times these odors come from places in the house that are more exposed to moisture. This can include, bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, under sinks, or near plumbing lines throughout your house or business. If you smell any types of odors don't hesitate to take action. The longer you wait to deal with this issue the worse it can get. Call Good Times Restoration right away at (480)725-5010 to get a free assessment, walkthrough, and estimate.

Allergy Symptoms

If you have come to the realization that allergy like symptoms are occurring when you are inside of your property in Apache Junction this could mean you have a mold issue. These symptoms include; fatigue, runny or blocked nose, irritated throat, irritated eyes, wheezing, headaches, sinus congestions, and more.

Visible Mold Growth

While this may seem obvious, many times visible mold is overlooked. Some people may mistake mold for soot or dust, making it easy to ignore this issue. If you are able to visibly see mold growth, there may be a bigger mold issue in areas that you are unable to see. This isn't something you should try to fix on your own, make sure you contact Good Times Restoration as soon as possible.

Water Problems lead to Mold

Discoloration of ceilings, walls, and floors, abnormalities in paint on walls or baseboards such as bubbling, peeling, or cracking, Or if you can physically feel dampness; are all key indicators that your property has been damaged by water. If you have a current moisture problem or have had water issues in the past, there is a good chance you can have mold in your home in Apache Junction. Good Times Restoration will identify the affected areas, mitigate the current or past water damage, and remediate the mold. We proudly serve Apache Junction and will restore you property back to pre-loss conditions in a timely professional manner. Good Times Restoration, Saving Property and Bringing you back to Good Times!

Residential Services

Water Damage Restoration

The professional water damage restoration experts at Good Times Restoration in Tempe are prompt, reliable, and professional.

Sewage Clean-up

At Good Times Restoration, our team is dedicated to sewage removal that will make your business safe for everyone.

Mold Remediation

Whenever you find mold In your home it is VERY important to take care of that ASAP! The professional mold experts at Good Times Restoration will be prompt, reliable, and professional!

Fire Damage Restoration

It is important that you have an expert fire restoration company to inspect your commercial property.