Mold Growth Requirements

Mold and water damage often go hand and hand in cases where water damage is not discovered in a timely manner or is not addressed by a professional water mitigation company. It is very common and most people encounter it daily whether they know it or not. Although we might unintentionally be around it more than we know, it is still something that needs to be treated seriously and remediated as soon as possible. In order for mold colonies to form there are 5 requirements that must be met to promote growth.

1. Organic Food Source

Mold typically feeds off of cellulose-based building materials such as wood, cardboard or the paper facing found on most drywall. These materials are common in almost any structure so mold could have the potential to grow almost anywhere if the right conditions are met.

2. Moisture

Under most circumstances if a structure is built according to code and is up kept in an appropriate manner, there should not be enough moisture to promote mold growth. However flooding, faulty appliances, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, hurricanes, broken supply lines or sewage backups can introduce moisture into areas of your home or building that were not intended to have moisture. If not addressed in a timely matter mold can begin growing.

3. Proper Temperature

There are many different types of mold present throughout the world that can begin growth below freezing in some areas as well in excess of 100 degrees in others. Typically mold growth is highest between 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Stagnant air

Stagnant air allows mold colonies to begin growth in early stages. After a colony is established mold might continue to grow and spread even if the air is no longer stagnant.

5. Time

Mold typically begins to colonize in as little as 72 hours if proper growth conditions are met. It is extremely important contact a water restoration company as soon as any water damage is discovered to prevent mold growth. The window is very short so don't wait or it could significantly increase the damage to your home or building.


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