Mold Testing

Mold is an issue commonly related to water damage that should be treated with caution. If visible mold is present or believed to be present, you should avoid the area in concern until the issue has been properly addresses. Mold can cause ill health affects and needs to be treated with caution. It is strongly discouraged to attempt to get rid of the mold without the proper equipment, training and experience. Simply spraying the mold with bleach, vacuuming it or removing the contents that are affected can result in spreading contaminant bearing spores to other areas of the home or business that were not previously affected. Do not disturb mold without containment and negative air machines setup to collect any air borne contaminants.

In a situation where mold is believed to be present, it is very important to allow a professional restoration company that specializes in mold remediation to evaluate the situation. The company will perform moisture testing to determine if materials are wet and what could be causing the moisture issue. An indoor environmental professional will perform air quality testing to determine if an elevated mold condition is present and what course of action will be most effective to return the structure to a suitable living condition. Most environments contain some level of mold so base lines will be taken to determine what levels are acceptable. This will be the target baseline for the restoration company. At the conclusion of the mold remediation, air quality testing will be performed once more to ensure the structure has been restored to pre-problem conditions. Once this has been achieved, the structure is now ready to have all materials that needed to be removed such as drywall replaced.

Good Times Restoration specializes in mold removal as well as water damage restoration and reconstruction. We are a one stop shop and can help help you restore your home or business. We offer 24/7 emergency service and would gladly help day or night.


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