Phoenix Water Damage Restoration: What to Expect

Water damage is typically a force that strikes when you aren't expecting it in a way you weren't prepared for. Whether the loss is big or small the process can be very worrisome for someone who hasn't experienced it before. Although it is just water the situation needs to be handled correctly in order to limit damage and restore the home back to the condition it was before the flood occurred. The first step in doing this is to contact a water damage professional such as Good Times Restoration. Once you have contacted a water damage restoration company, here are some tips and what you should expect.

Before Arrival:

As you wait for the arrival of the water restoration company here are a few things you should consider. Is the area around the loss safe to be around? Risks such as fall hazards, electrical shock and air borne contaminants could be present so it is recommended to avoid the area if any of these things might exist. If no immediate danger is present if possible turning off the source of the leak is strongly recommended. This can be achieved by turning off the main water supply to the house or by turning off a valve prior to the leak in the event it is a clean water leak. Towels, mops or wet vacuums can also be used to begin removing any standing water that might be present. Moving any personal belongings that might be in the way of is also a great help.

Once Onsite:

A water restoration tech will greet you and begin mapping out all of the wet materials. Once everything has been noted they will give you a walk through of what is going on and how they plan to complete the work. Once given the go ahead from the home or building owner it is time to begin work.

Contents Manipulation:

Before drying work can begin any furniture or belongings that will be in the immediate work area must be moved out of the way.

Water Extraction:

Water extraction simply means removing standing or pooled water. Often times a technician will begin this while the others are moving contents and mapping out the wet materials. Water extraction helps prevent damage from spreading as well as drastically speeds up drying times.


Demolition can often be a vital part of a water damage restoration job. Factors such as what contaminants are in the water, what materials are damaged and will the technician be able to effectively access all wet materials are kept in mind when it is being decided whether or not demolition will be used. Good Times Restoration understands how stressful it can be to have your home or business torn apart so we choose to only use demolition if necessary.

Dry Out:

At the conclusion of demolition, it is now time to begin the drying process. Equipment will be selected in a manner that will efficiently dry the structure. Each day a tech will do a checkup and adjust equipment as needed until all materials have reached the dry standard.


At the conclusion of the drying it is now time to replace any building materials that needed to be removed during demolition. All drywall, baseboards, carpet pad, carpet, insulation and any other building materials that had to be removed from water damage will now be replaced. The goal is to put the structure back to pre-loss condition.

Anytime you encounter a situation where water has damaged building materials, do not hesitate to contact an expert. Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that can address any of your Phoenix water damage restoration needs. We also offer 24/7 emergency response so day or night we are there for you.

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