Plumbing Leak

Plumbing leaks can be a frustrating aspect of owning a house or a business. Although older homes tend to have an increased risk as time goes on, no structure truly has no risk of springing a plumbing leak. Common causes for pluming leaks include damaged parts, leaking seals, incorrect installation, corrosion, drain leaks, rogue screws and miscalculated cuts during demolition. Although so of the causes can become obvious very quickly, these types of leaks can sometimes be very minor and can go extended periods of time without being noticed. These leaks can also be very difficult to find at times and usually require opening up the affected area to properly fix the leak.

When any type of water leak is discovered it is very important to have a restoration company dry out the wet materials to prevent mold growth and dry rot. Mold is not something you want to be breathing and can cause negative affects to your health. In the event an extended leak causes mold growth before the leak is discovered, avoid the area and leave the remediation to the professionals. Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that specializes in water damage restoration, mod removal and reconstruction so we are your one stop shop for any water damage related issues. We would be happy to help bring you back to good times.


Residential Services

Water Damage Restoration

The professional water damage restoration experts at Good Times Restoration in Tempe are prompt, reliable, and professional.

Sewage Clean-up

At Good Times Restoration, our team is dedicated to sewage removal that will make your business safe for everyone.

Mold Remediation

Whenever you find mold In your home it is VERY important to take care of that ASAP! The professional mold experts at Good Times Restoration will be prompt, reliable, and professional!

Fire Damage Restoration

It is important that you have an expert fire restoration company to inspect your commercial property.