Prevent Water Damage from your Gold Canyon home.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Water damage is a force that could strike any Gold Canyon home or business owner without warning. Many causes such as broken pipes, sewage backups, flooding or plumbing leaks are almost impossible to predict and prepare for. Fortunately there are several common causes for water damage that can be prevented with a few easy steps. Although this will not guarantee water damage will not happen at your Gold Canyon home or business, it can help reduce the chances of it happening. If water damage does occur the first step you should take is contacting a water damage restoration company such as Good Times Restoration. In instances where standing water is present this is extra critical because water extraction will most likely be needed. Water damage is something that should not be taken lightly and it best to leave to a water restoration company rather than attempting to handle it yourself. Here are some ways that could prevent water damage from striking your Gold Canyon home or business.

Check Your Roof:

Roof damage is a very easy way for water to enter your Gold Canyon home or business in ways it was not designed to. This will almost always lead to water damage and can even lead to mold growth if water damage is left for any extended length of time. Fortunately roof damage can be prevented with periodic checkups. A simple thing to look for is damaged shingles. Your roof should look uniform in most circumstances. If you notice irregularities in the shingles or missing shingles, this will usually indicate damage. If damage is noticed it should be taken care of immediately. Old age is another common cause for roof leaks. A typical roof is only good for so much time. Once it has surpassed its effective lifespan leaks will become more likely. If you ever feel your roof might be in questionable shape, having a professional give you a second opinion could prevent damage later down the road.

Check Your Water Supply Lines:

Each toilet, appliance, faucet and washing machine is supplied water through water supply lines. In normal circumstances these can go years without issues. Unfortunately these can fail and when they do water damage will almost always follow. A simple way to prevent this is give each supply line in your Gold Canyon home or business a once over periodically. If you notice damage or feel like they have exceeded their effective service life, replacing them is cheap insurance compared to the damage they can create if a failure occurs. Pay close attention to refrigerator supply lines because these are usually made of plastic. It is much easier to damage these than their metal counterparts. They can also become brittle over time which leaves them more vulnerable to failure.

Check Your Air Conditioner Condenser Pan:

An air conditioner condenser pan will usually go an extremely long time without issue. When these fail water can be released into your attic causing extensive damage in some cases. Fortunately preventing this type of leak is pretty easy. Look for sign of rust or damage. If either is discovered, replacing the pan might be necessary to ensure water doesn't spill out. Another thing to check is the drain is not plugged with debris. This can easily prevent water from draining correctly and cause it to overflow.

Check Your Washing Machine:

A washing machine has several ways it could leak water all over your laundry room floor. Fortunately more common causes are very easily avoidable. First check to make sure the washing machine drain hose is attached to the bottom of the washing machine firmly and does not show any signs of damage. Also check the hose clamp to make sure it is tight. Where the end of the washing machine drain line enters the drain in the wall, make sure there is something holding the drain hose in place. The pressure created when the washing machine drains can sometimes be enough to blow the drain hose right out of the drain. When this happens all water will begin draining right on the floor instead of down the drain like it was intended to. One simple way to prevent this is using a zip tie to attach the drain hose to the surrounding supply lines. This will prevent the drain hose from being dislodged and flooding your laundry room.

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