Proper equipment could be the difference between success and failure

When it comes to water restoration, the difference between success and failure can often be related to the equipment used. In almost all scenarios a DIY home or business owner will not be equipped to handle a water damage restoration job correctly. Unfortunately the proper equipment costs thousands of dollars as well so purchasing it for personal use is not a viable option in most cases. Without the right equipment the job can often be doomed from the start. This will usually result in damage spreading beyond the original affected area, mold growth and difficult drying situation arising as water absorbs into denser materials. Whenever a situation arises where you are faced with dealing with water damage, contact a water restoration professional that is equipped with all of the necessary tools to do the job correctly. Here are a list of common equipment needed to correctly perform a water damage restoration dry out as well as a comparison to common readily available tools used by the ordinary person.

Water Extraction:

A commercial grade water extractor is extremely critical in situations where standing water is present as well as when water is bound in carpet and carpet pad. Simply put, a water extractor is an extremely heavy duty vacuum that was designed specifically to suck up water. These pieces of equipment are fast and efficient at removing standing water. They also have special attachments designed for removing water from carpet pad and carpet. In some cases they are capable of removing up to 97% of water in wet carpet. Compared to a wet/dry vac, towel or mop available to most home or business owners, there is no comparison. Professional equipment helps prevent water damage from spreading, reduces drying times and can reduce the chance of mold growth do to the structure being dried at a faster rate.

Moisture Meters:

Its easy to tell what is wet just by the touch of a hand right? In almost all cases this statement will be incorrect. Moisture meters allow a technician to determine not only what materials are wet but their exact moisture content. This information is by far the most important thing needed to correctly perform a water damage restoration dry out. Wet materials can be noted and tracked throughout the dry-out. Equipment can be adjusted to address problem areas and removed once materials are verified as dry. Without a proper set of moisture meters you are basically attempting the job completely blind which is strongly discouraged.


One critical aspect to any dry out is a method to perform dehumidification. A dehumidifier removes moisture found in the air cause by evaporation as materials dry. Without the use of this piece of equipment, humidity has the potential to exceed benchmarks that promote microbial growth and cause secondary damage to unaffected materials. This is another situation where having the proper tool is critical. Unfortunately there is no readily available house hold tool that performs this task. Opening windows or doors can assist in some cases but it is not always dry enough outside of the home or business to help.

Professional Grade Air Movers:

Air movement is used to promote water evaporation in wet materials. Any professional water damage restoration company will be equipped with commercial grade air movers. These fans can come in several variety including axial fans, centrifugal fans and radial fans. Each type has certain situation that they excel at but all of them have one thing in common, they move air at a much faster quantity and pressure when compared to a standard fan readily available to a home or business owner. Further more most home or business owners will not have enough fans available even if they provided adequate air flow. When it comes to air movers quality equipment can make a huge difference.

Air Scrubber:

Anytime dust or contaminants are present in the air, an air scrubber is a must. Air scrubbers are designed to filter airborne particles out of the air. They use a hepa filter to remove as much as 99.97% of particles found in the air. In situations where potentially hazardous particles could be present in the air, this tool is a must. Unfortunately this is another tool that a typical home or business owner will not have readily available because there isn't really an alternative to it. In situations air scrubbers are needed it is strongly encouraged to let a professional handle it.

When it comes to water damage restoration, equipment and experience play a very critical role in handling the job correctly. Although many people know the basic concept of how to dry a structure, they often do not possess the necessary equipment or knowledge to correctly mitigate all water damage. Water damage is a force that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short amount of time so its best to leave to water damage restoration expert.

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