Queen Creek Water Damage Prevention

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Water damage can hit any Queen Creek home or Queen Creek business at any time. Sadly, there's no way to completely prevent these types of losses from happening completely. Fortunately many common causes for water damage may be prevented with a few simple steps. When water damage does occur, time is a very critical factor to prevent damage from expanding. When left unresolved, water will continue to spread and can very quickly double or even triple the affected area and in most cases can also lead to mold or mildew growth. It is strongly recommended to contact a Queen Creek water damage restoration company like Good Times Restoration as soon as possible. Here are some tips to prevent water damage from hitting your Queen Creek home or business.

Check Your Washing Machine: Washing machine leaks, are a fairly common way for water to leak into an area it was not intended to be. Fortunately the most common ways that these failures occur are easily preventable in most cases. First, check the washer drain hose and check to make sure it is not damaged. Next make sure it is firmly attached to the washing machine. A quick double check to make sure the hose clamp is tight is another important thing to examine. At this point it is time to move on to the end of the drain hose that is inserted into the drain. There should be some type of fastener such as a zip tie holding the drain hose in place. In some cases, the water pressure from the hose will have enough power to pop the drain hose right out of the drain if it's not secured properly which will result in several gallons of water spilling on your laundry room floor.

Check Your Supply Lines: Water supply lines will usually provide many years of reliable service. Unfortunately when they do break the results can be catastrophic. Each refrigerator, appliance, and bathroom are provided water through supply lines. One simple way to prevent this type of failure is to look over each supply line periodically. Look for signs of damage, corrosion and leaks. If you think a supply line might be compromised in any way, replacing it is a cheap insurance compared to the damage that will result if it fails. In the event this type of failure does occur, it is very important to contact a Queen Creek water damage restoration company such as Good Times Restoration as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Check Your AC Pan: An air conditioner condenser pan features a few ways in which could lead to water spilling into your attic. Common causes include obstructed drains, rusty pans or broken pans. A periodical check might reveal one of these problems and permit it to be resolved before the water has a chance to make a bigger issue. In the event a leak does occur, water damage will be soon to follow. With this type of leak it is also important to consider the dangers involved. When drywall becomes wet in your ceiling, it can quickly become a falling hazard as water breaks the material down. Avoid walking below any water damage when a leak has been discovered in the ceiling.

Check Your Roof: A roof leak is a fairly common route for water to enter your Queen Creek home or Queen Creek business in areas it was not designed to. Fortunately this can be prevented in most cases with a simple visual inspection. Search for any missing or out of place shingles. Your roof should be symmetrical therefore irregularities can indicate damage. Common causes for roof damage include wind, hail, storms and age. Any time a storm blows through it's a good idea to inspect your roof to check for any new damage that could have occurred. If unsure contacting a roofer fora second opinion could save you thousands in the long run.

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