Roof Leak

With Arizona having such a low annual rainfall for most years, a roof leak is an issue you could have without even knowing it. With the rain we have been getting through November and December roof leaks are starting to show themselves more and more. Some common causes for roof leaks include old age, storm damage, poor construction, material build, damaged tiles and missing shingles. It is very critical to inspect your roof periodically so that you can catch these issues before they have the opportunity to develop into a larger issue.

Strong wind, hail and heavy rains are a very common recipe for a leaking roof. Anytime a strong storm rolls through it is very important to make sure no damaged was caused while it was battering your house or business. Look for dented flashing, missing shingles and damaged tiles. If any of these things are noticed action could be required. Also make sure your roof is clear of any leaves or debris. Heavy rainfall can become trapped due to insufficient drain capacity from debris plugging drain areas and water can fill to the point of exceeding water proof surfaces. Luckily this is pretty easily stopped by keeping your roof clean. Lastly if your roof is past its prime, leaks will begin to appear more and more. It is wise to replace the roof before you have large amounts of water damage in the structure.

In the event a roof leak does occur, it is important to handle the situation correctly. Ignoring or repairing the damaged materials incorrectly can quickly become a much larger issue than if it was resolved correctly. Since roof leaks are often not easily discovered until a very strong storm rolls through, these types of leaks usually go on for extended periods of time before being discovered. This will almost always result in mold growth as a side effect. A restoration company like Good Times Restoration is absolutely required to correctly dry out the structure and keep any unwanted growth like mold from spreading to other areas of the home. Good Times Restoration specializes in water damage restoration, mold remediation and reconstruction and would be happy to help return you to good times.


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