San Tan Valley Water Damage Restoration

Experiencing water damage can very stressful, especially when multiple companies are working inside of your home over the course of the job. Luckily Good Times Restoration is a full service water damage restoration company that will take care of your San Tan Valley property. We will be with you from the start of the job all the way to the finish. Not only will we perform the water mitigation but we will also do the reconstruction of your home. This will make the process of getting your home back to pre-loss condition seamless as there will be no error or lack of communication with subcontractors. We focus on communication and will completely handle the claim process by working directly with your insurance agent and adjuster. This is what a water damage restoration job would look like for your San Tan Valley property.

Step 1: Water Extraction

When it comes to water damage water extraction is one of the first steps in the job process. When there is standing water in your home or saturation in your flooring material water extraction is absolutely necessary and significantly reduces the time of the dry out process as it can remove up to 95% of water saturation in the carpet and pad. This extraction is performed with our top of the line portable extractor which wields additional attachments that improve efficiency when it comes to removing water in different types of flooring materials.

Step 2: Containment

Containment is very critical. It serves as a barrier and separates the work zone from other parts of your San Tan Valley home or business. Containment serves multiple purposes. It contains the dust to our work area and makes clean up a breeze. It also holds our Water Damage Restoration equipment.

Step 3: Demolition

Demolition helps us reach hard to dry areas. Demo isn't always necessary, but it depends on the category of water damage and the extent of the saturation.

Step 4: The Dry out Process

On average the dry out process takes 3-4 days. Good Times Restoration will set up necessary equipment inside your San Tan Valley home or business to make sure your property is dried in a timely manner. During this process technicians will check up on the equipment daily and take moisture readings for documentation, and will adjust equipment accordingly.

Step 5: Reconstruction

Once your San Tan Valley property is all dry the reconstruction will begin. A construction crew will rebuild any building materials that were damaged or ruined from the loss, and restore your property back to pre-loss conditions!

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