Sewage Backup: A Shocking Experience

A sewage backup is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It will usually bring a foul odor, water damage and potentiality toxins in your house or business that could be harmful to your health. Unfortunately stopping these types of water intrusion isn't always very straightforward. Most types of water damage like broken pipes or plumbing leaks can be shut off right away with the simple turn of a valve. That is not always the case when it comes to sewage backups. Here are a few tips and what to expect if sewage were to ever get into your home or business.

Step 1: Vacate the Premises

The first thing you should do if you ever suspect a sewage backup at your home or business is to vacate the premises. You do not know what contaminants might be present in the black water and it is much safer to leave rather than trouble shoot any further. It is recommended to only enter these areas with proper ppe.

Step 2: Call a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company(Water Extraction)

Next the proper course of action would be to contact a water restoration company that is capable of emergency water extraction such as Good Times Restoration. Once on sight water extraction/ sewage removal will begin. Commercial grade water extraction equipment will be used to suck up any standing water or sewage. As soon as possible an air scrubber will also be set up to remove air borne contaminants. In some cases power washing will also be necessary.

Step 3: Demolition

After all water is removed it is time to perform demolition. Due to the high potential for unsanitary contaminants to be present in these types of spills any wet drywall, carpet, carpet pad and baseboards affected will be removed and discarded. Containment will be set up in order to keep any contaminants, dust or debris limited to only the affected areas.

Step 4: Cleaning

Once all of the necessary materials have been removed, an antimicrobial solution will be applied to all affected areas to help limit microbial growth. The areas will be cleaned in preparation of setting up dry-out equipment.

Step 5: Drying the Home or Business

At this stage it is time to begin drying the structure. A line up of fans and dehumidifiers will be set up in a manner that promotes fast efficient drying. Each day the equipment will be verified to be working correctly and adjusted as the structure drys. The equipment will be pulled when the structure has been verified to be dry with moisture meters.

Step 6: Rebuilding the Home or Business

At the conclusion of the dry out, it is time to begin rebuilding the structure. All drywall, insulation, carpet pad, carpet, baseboards or shelving that had to be removed will now be installed. Paint will be matched as closely to the original color as possible unless asked to use a different color.

Anytime you come across a sewage spill or backup safety should be the number one concern. These types of spills often contain contaminants that can be harmful to your health. If you ever suspect a spill like this contact a water restoration company that is capable of handling sewage spills as quickly as possible.

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