Steps to take before we arrive at your San Tan Valley Property

Step 1: If Possible Stop the Water Source

If you are unsure on how to turn off the water source refer to our blog on how to shut off water at your San Tan Valley Home. Water Damage leaks often occur from dish washers, refrigerators, washing machines, roof leaks storm damage, and toilets. Mitigate water leaks from toilets by finding the 1/4 turn valve on the water supply line behind the toilet.

Step 2: Document the loss

Taking photos of the source and the areas and contents affected will help Good Times Restoration get a better idea of the origin of the water damage. By documenting pictures and areas affected it will assist our walk through and assessment process.

Step 3: Contact Good Times Restoration of San Tan Valley!

If Water Damage Occurs at at your San Tan Valley home don't hesitate to call Good Times Restoration. The sooner we can Mitigate the water damage the less damage will occur.

Step 4: Reach out to a Plumber

A plumber will come and mitigate the source of the leak or flood. We will also be in contact with the plumber so we can coordinate our schedules.

Step 5: Remove valuables from affected areas.

When water damage occurs in your San Tan Valley home or business we ask that you take all valuables and relocate them out of the affected areas. When a leak or flood occurs contents in these areas are also affected. This sometimes requires a pack out of contents in that area. Our technicians will take picture documentation of your contents to make sure nothing is misplaced and everything is returned to their rightful spot at the conclusion of the job.

Step 6: Begin the Claim Process

If you intend to handle this water damage loss through your insurance, then you should begin the claim process. We will need some basic information from you such as, insurance provider, claim number, and contact information for your insurance agent and adjuster. This will allow us to maintain communication with your insurance and give them constant updates on the scope of the job. Here at Good Times Restoration we pride ourselves on our communication skills with both our customers and their insurance providers. This allows everyone to stay up to date on the work and the progress of the job in your San Tan Valley property.

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