Supply Line Leak

A leaking or broken water supply line is a very common area for water to enter a home or business in a way it wasn't supposed to. Common areas of failure include damaged supply lines, damaged seals, corrosion, old age and brittleness. This almost always results in tens if not hundreds of gallons of water on the floor of the home or business in almost no time. If you happen to be out of town or at work when this break occurs, the whole house could be affected by the time it is discovered. This type of plumbing failure is usually very serious and will cause thousands of dollars in damage if not caught immediately.

Although this type of failure is impossible to prevent completely, routine checkups and replacement can drastically reduce the chances of failure. Look for any signs of damage, the type of material used and the age of the supply line. If the supply line is more than a few years old it is wise to replace it. Plastic supply lines tend to be more prone to failure than metal supply lines so if you have plastic supply lines, it could be a smart idea to replace them with the more robust metal version. If you notice any damage or feel like the overall strength of the supply line could be compromised in anyway it is much cheaper to replace the supply line than risk the damage that could result from a failure.

In the event a failure does occur first and foremost shut off the water if possible. Next contact a restoration company such as Good Times Restoration to help you through the repair process. All standing water will need to be removed and then the wet materials will be dried with the use of professional grade air movers and dehumidifiers. Good Times Restoration has a fleet of equipment on hand and the know how to bring you back to good times. Give us a call for any of your water restoration, mold removal or reconstruction needs!

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