Supply Line Leaks in Tempe

The supply lines leading to common appliances such as your toilet, sink, washing machine or dishwasher are something that you probably put very little though into. If its not broken why fix it right? This mentality can quickly lead to serious damage if a supply line were to break. It does not take very long for a supply line to deposits many gallons of water in areas where it was not designed to be. Water damage will quickly follow and mold growth can be a secondary side effect if ignored.

Unfortunately supply lines usually do not give a warning before they fail. It can be good one second and split wide open the next. Some common causes of failure include leaking seals, dry or brittle plastic connections, dry or brittle rubber or plastic lines, damaged lines, corrosion and incorrect installation. No matter the cause, your Tempe home or Tempe Business can quickly become flooded if one of these scenarios occurs.

Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the possibility of failure, some precautionary steps can be taken to reduce the chances of having a supply line break or leak. It is recommended to give your supply lines a visual inspection periodically to look for some of the above mentioned possible failures. In addition some things you should consider are the supply lines age and overall condition. If the supply line is more than a few years old or it appears to be questionable in condition, replacing it could be cheap insurance compared to the damage that could result if left ignored. When replacing the lines Teflon tape on the male end of the connections can also add an additional layer of protection against seal failures.

In the event a supply line does break, it is recommended to first shut off the water prior to the where the leak is happening. Next it is very important to contact a water damage professional that services the Tempe area such as Good Times Restoration as soon as possible. Good Times Restoration will help guide you through the insurance claim process while also drying your structure out and returning it to it's pre-loss condition. We are a full service water damage restoration company and take pride in assisting our Tempe customers. Feel free to reach out to day, night, weekend or holiday to help you return to good times.

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