Tips to Prepare for Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is approaching fast in the greater phoenix area. With the heavy winds and rains these storms bring, water damage is something that could easily follow if preventative measures are not taken. Here are a few tips to help reduce the chances of having water damage strike your home or business this summer.

Check your roof:

Roof leaks are a very common cause for water damage. Visually inspect your roof for any damaged shingles that could cause a leak. If possible crawl in your attic and inspect the area for any signs of water damage as well. If your roof is passed its prime it might be something to consider getting replaced soon as well. After a monsoon blows through inspect your roof to make sure that no damage was caused during the storm. If any damage is found or you would like a second opinion on your roof, Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that offers roofing contracting and we would be happy to assist you. Contact a professional as soon as any roof damage is found before it has the chance to cause water damage or mold growth.

Check your windows:

In some types of windows caulking or silicone is used to seal out the outside elements. Overtime this can degrade and cause a window that would otherwise be sealed to let water into your home or office. Mold and water damage could be a direct problem if not addressed before the problem arises. Visually inspect all windows for any degraded silicone, caulk or cracks. If found apply a fresh batch of sealant. If you don't feel comfortable sealing the windows contact an expert.

Check Your Doors:

Overtime it is not uncommon for our dry hot weather to degrade doors and door frames. This could cause cracking as well as silicone and caulking to no longer seal out the outside elements. Refinishing any worn doors or door frames will help seal out any water that could come from upcoming monsoons. Another thing to look for is weathered door seals. If your door seal is not looking up to par, replace it. A combination of strong wind and water often associated with monsoons can push water through these bad seals. Reseal any worn caulking or silicone found as well. If in doubt, contact an expert.

In the event storm damage does occur do not hesitate to contact a professional water damage restoration company such as Good Times Restoration. Time is a very critical aspect to any water mitigation so the faster they can be on seen, the more likely it will be that the overall damage will be reduced.


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