Help keep yourself safe from floods in San Tan Valley

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Water damage is a force that could hit any San Tan Valley home or San Tan Valley business without warning at any time. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent these types of losses from happening. Luckily some of the most common causes for water damage can be easily prevented with a few easy steps. In the event water damage does occur, time is the most important factor. It is very important to begin resolving the situation as soon a possible to limit the chance of water damage spreading as well as mold growth. It is recommended to contact a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company such as Good Times Restoration as soon as possible. Here are some tips to prevent water damage from hitting your San Tan Valley home or San Tan Valley business.

Check Your Washing Machine:

Washing machine leaks, washing machine floods and washing machine overflows are a fairly common way for water damage to happen. Fortunately, the most common ways these failures occur are easily preventable. First, check the washing machine drain hose and make sure it is not damaged. Next check to make sure it is firmly attached to the washing machine. Tighten the hose clamp to ensure a good seal. Next, examine the end of the washing machine drain hose that goes into the water drain on the wall. Make sure something is holding the hose in place to prevent it from being dislodged from the drain. In some cases, the water draining from the hose can have enough pressure to pop the drain hose right out of the drain if it is not secured correctly. At this point, water will begin to drain on the floor rather than the drain. A zip tie is a very easy way to prevent this from happening. Simply connect the drain hose to one of the supply lines. In the event water damage does occur despite these precautionary measures, a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company should be called.

Check Your Water Supply Lines:

Water supply lines will typically provide many years of service without any hiccups. In certain situations, these can fail, however. Each faucet, appliance, and toilet are supplied water through water supply lines. One easy way to prevent water damage is to check each supply line throughout your home or business. Look for damage, leaks or corrosion. If any supply line looks like it could be questionable, replacing them is cheap insurance. Old age is a very common reason for failure. Corrosion can eat away at the metal over time and eventually spring a leak. When these types of leaks occur, a lot of water can be released in very little time. If this happens to contact a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company that is capable of water extraction for water removal is recommended.

Check Your AC Condenser Pan:

An air conditioner condenser pan has a few ways that could lead to water spilling into an attic. Common causes include plugged drains, rusted pans or damaged pans. A periodical check could reveal one of these issues and allow it to be resolved before the water has a chance to create a bigger issue. In the event a leak does occur, water damage can create an unsafe condition in a hurry. As the ceiling drywall absorbs more water, it will become weak and could create a fall hazard fairly fast. Avoid walking under any know water damage. It is also recommended to contact a San Tan Valley water damage restoration company to take care of the damage.

San Tan Valley Roof Leak:

A roof leak is a fairly common way for water to enter your San Tan Valley home or San Tan Valley business in areas it was not designed to. Luckily this can be prevented in most cases with an inspection. Look for any missing or out of place shingles. Your roof should be symmetrical so irregularities can indicate damage. Common causes for roof damage are wind, hail, storms and old age. Any time a storm blows through it is a good idea to give your roof a once over to make sure no new damage was created. If unsure contacting a roofer to give you a second opinion can give you extra piece of mind or allow damage to be fixed before it has the opportunity to become worse.

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