Tips to prevent water damage in your Mesa Home or Business

Water has the potential to create thousands of dollars in damage in very little time. In most cases this type of damage happens at an inconvenient time when you are not prepared to handle it. Water damage can stem from many different causes but a few common ones are hot water heater leaks, plumbing leaks, broken pipes, leaking or broken supply lines, leaking appliances, roof leaks as well as several other possible causes. Water damage is something that ought not be messed with without the proper training and equipment. If discovered, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional such as Good Times Restoration to assist you through the restoration and claims process. Water damage will in general spread after some time so times critical. Although it is not possible to eliminate the rick of water damage, here are a few helpful tips that could prevent you from experiences the large impact a water loss could have on your Mesa home or business.

Inspect your washing machine:

A washing machine has a few ways that it could spill many gallons of water unto your laundry room floor in relatively little time. Fortunately the most well-known causes are usually preventable with a couple of simple precautionary measures. First check to ensure the hose clip that holds the drain hose set up is tight. Sometimes when pushing the washing machine into place if this hose isn't tightly fastened, it can become dislodged in the event that it comes into contact with anything. This can also create a slow leak that deposits water each time the washer goes through a cycle if the hose does not come off outright. Neither situation is ideal. Something else to pay special attention to will be to ensure the drain hose has been attached to the drain. In the event that the drain hose becomes dislodged from the drain, all of the water the washing machine uses during a normal cycle will wind up on the floor. The drain sometimes has enough pressure to blow the drain hose out so using something to fasten the drain hose in place is highly recommended. Using a zip tie to attach the drain hose to one of the supply lines is a very easy way to prevent the hose from becoming dislodged.

Inspect your roof:

Another simple method to prevent water damage is to inspect your roof periodically. Look for irregularities such as broken tiles, missing shingles, bent or damaged flashing or any water spots on your ceiling. If any of these things are noticed it is strongly recommended to have a roofer inspect the damaged areas to make sure it is still water tight. In the event you don't feel comfortable doing the inspection yourself, most roofers would be happy to assist you. These visual inspections are very critical after large storms roll through that could contain heavy rain, hail, strong winds or blowing debris. If you ever discover any compromises in your roof it is recommended to fix the issue before water has the chance to create more damage.

Check your AC unit:

There are a few ways your ac unit can leak water into your ceiling. Although this can usually be prevented, no leaks are good. First check to make sure the pan underneath the unit in your attic is clear of debris, and not damaged or bent. Next make sure the drain on the pan is free to remove water as needed with no blockage. When these pans get bent, rusted or the drain gets plugged, water will find its way into your attic.

Inspect your supply lines:

Each sink, appliance, toilet, and hot water heater in your house is supplied water through supply lines. Unfortunately when these supply lines leak or break, large amounts of damage will quickly follow in their wakes. Common causes of supply line failures are caused by old age, inferior materials, hard water and accidental damage. Look for sign of corrosion, damage and what materials the supply lines are made of when evaluating your supply lines. If the supply lines has corrosion present or is damaged, failure could be encroaching faster than you think. Plastic or rubber supply lines can also become brittle over time so even though they might appear to be alright, they could be ready to burst as well. If you ever have any doubt on the condition of the supply line or it is older than a few years, replacing it could be a wise investment.

Although these tips could help prevent the chances of water damage striking your home or business, there is still many other ways it could happen. If water damage is discovered it is strongly encouraged to let a professional handle the situation. Time is very critical so do no hesitate to contact a professional like Good Times Restoration.


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