Water Damage in Mesa: What to Expect

Today is like any other typical day, you wake up and get ready for work, eat breakfast and then head off to start your day or at least you thought. As you walk into the bathroom you quickly notice water pooled up all over the floor. Upon further inspection you see that the supply line has sprung a leak and is depositing a ton of water into the area in little time. Like many people the biggest question becomes now what do I do? Luckily for you Good Times Restoration is only a call away and would be happy to assist.

Prior to Arrival:

As you anxiously wait for the arrival of the water restoration technician there are a few things that could be considered. First and foremost safety should be of the utmost concern. Dangers such as contaminants, falling hazards and submerged electrical connections could exist and it is recommended to treat the area with caution. If any of these conditions are believed to exist it is recommended to avoid the area if at all possible. When the source is located it is also recommended to turn off the water source either through the main shutoff valve or a valve prior to the leak if possible. Next once the leak is stopped, mopping, using a towel or a wet vac to remove some of the standing water present can prevent the damaged from spreading further if safe to do so.

Once Onsite:

A water restoration expert will welcome you and request to shown any known areas that might be affected. They will begin documenting and wet materials as well as damages and begin to create a scope of what it will take to correctly dry out the structure.

Content Manipulation:

When a scope has been create and the technician has a good idea of what areas are wet, the contents that will be in the way will be moved to prevent any damage and leave a clear work area.

Water Extraction:

Most of the time while other technicians are moving contents and creating the job scope, another technician will begin removing any standing water that is present through water extraction. Water extraction simply means vacuuming up any liquid water. For hard surfaces such as tile, this process typically goes pretty quick. With carpet this can take a little more time and through the use of specialized attachments, most of the water will be removed from the carpet and pad which will drastically speed up the drying process. Water extraction also helps prevent water from spreading past the affected areas.


In some cases demolition is needed to correctly mitigate any water damage. Good Times Restoration prefers to only use demolition when necessary. Elements that get accounted into this choices are the category of water (what contaminates could be present in the water), if the materials are no longer up to pre loss standards and if there isn't another approach to effectively get to the wet areas to effectively dry them. Whenever demolition is deemed necessary, containment barriers will be constructed to hold all dust and debris in only the affected area.

Dry Out:

When all demolition is completed it is not time to set up drying equipment. Air movers, dehumidifiers, and sometimes air scrubbers will be set up dependent on moisture readings. Every wet material will be checked day by day and gear will be monitored and adjusted until all materials reach the dry standard. Once all materials have reached the dry standard, the dry out is now complete and the structure is ready to enter the reconstruction phase.


At the finish of the dry out it is time to replace any materials that were removed to dry the structure. All drywall, baseboards, cover carpet pad, carpet, insulation and other structural materials that were removed will now be replaced. Things like paint will be matched to the previous color unless otherwise discussed with the contractor.

Whenever you experience a circumstance where water damage has occurred, do not hesitate to contact a professional. Time is very critical when it comes to water damage so try and have someone scheduled as soon as possible. Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that can address any of your Mesa water damage restoration, water restoration, dry out, rebuild or water removal needs.


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