Water Damage Restoration Claims Process

Having any type of leak or flood in your home can be a very stressful situation. Here at Good Times Restoration we pride ourselves in our ability to take the stress off of our customers backs and start the process to getting you back to good times.

1. Contact Us For a Free Inspection

Once we get a call for any type of Water Damage we will begin getting some basic information from our customer that can better help our tech that we dispatch to better understand what equipment and the severity of the loss. Once the Tech has arrived he will begin documenting the source of the loss and the extent of the damage as well as any other services you may need such as pack out services.

2. Client Chooses Insurance or Out-of-pocket

At this point the tech will go over your two option of paying out of pocket or filing a claim with your insurance company. After you have decided on the route you are wanting to take the Tech will have you sign our Work Authorization form which allows us to begin working on your home or business.

3. Good Times Begins Restoration Work

Your Tech will give you a customer information packet that goes over in detail the process of taking care of the Water Damage and also the Rebuild process of putting back together your home after everything has been dried out.

4. Good Times Restoration Manages Entire Claim Process

We will be in constant communication with you and your insurance company throughout the entire process to ensure smooth transitions from beginning to end. We make sure to keep our clients well informed about what we are doing and what they can expect from us next.

5. Job Completed with Exceptional Experience

At the completion of the job your Tech will do a final walk-through with you and show you all of the work completed and answer any questions you may have. If you are satisfied with the final product the Tech will have you sign a certificate of completion which shows that we have completed all work that was agreed upon and we can now issue our invoice to you and your insurance company for billing. Being a company that wants to continue to improve the process and promotes constructive criticism we provide an opportunity for you the customer to fill out a packet that lets us know how we did, what you liked, what you didn't like and what we can do to improve.


Residential Services

Water Damage Restoration

The professional water damage restoration experts at Good Times Restoration in Tempe are prompt, reliable, and professional.

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Mold Remediation

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Fire Damage Restoration

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