Water Restoration in Chandler: Start to Finish

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Water damage is something that can happen to anyone who owns a house or business. Common causes include plumbing leaks, broken water supply lines, leaking toilets, broken toilet tanks, roof leaks, sewage backups, air conditioner condenser pan leaks, broken pipes, leaking refrigerator supply lines, leaking appliances, over flowing washing machines and hot water heater leaks. Although these leaks can be caused in drastically different ways, the resulting damage can all have the potential to be extensive. Anytime you notice any type of water damage in Chandler, it is strongly recommended to contact a water Water Damage Restoration specialist like Good Times Restoration.

Contact a Professional:

The first step to mitigating any water damage in Chandler is to contact a water restoration company. Once onsite they will begin scoping out any areas that might be affected. After the home or business owner gives the go ahead, it time to begin water damage restoration.

Water Extraction in Chandler:

Whenever there is a situation where standing water is present, water extraction will almost always be needed. Good Times Restoration will bring in a commercial grade water extractor and remove as much water as possible.


Next comes demolition if needed. Containment will be setup to keep any dust, debris or contaminants in only the affected area rather than spreading it throughout the home or business. Any compromised drywall, baseboards, shelving, carpet and insulation will be discarded. Demolition is only used if absolutely necessary. We understand that tearing apart your home or business is stressful and only use this method if there isn't another option.

Equipment Set Up:

Once demolition is complete, it is time to setup drying equipment. A typical equipment line up will include dehumidifiers, air movers, and in come cases an air scrubber. Dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the air. Air movers are used to promote evaporation in wet materials. Air scrubbers are used to remove any airborne contaminants. The equipment will run and be monitored until all parts of the structure have been returned to suitable dry standards.


At the conclusion of the water mitigation portion, it is time to begin the rebuild. Any drywall, baseboards, shelves, carpet or carpet pad that had to be removed will now be replaced. At the end of the rebuild, the structure will be returned as close to possible as it was in the pre-loss condition.

Anytime you notice any type of water damage in Chandler do not hesitate to contact Good Times Restoration. Our office is stationed out of Tempe so we can be onsite in a very fast manner. As with any water damage, time is very critical so do not wait.

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