Ways to Protect Yourself from #WaterDamage

Having been in business as a reputable Restoration Company we have come to find a few quick ways that Home-owners or renters can help limit the chances of having water leaks in your home. Now we know that there is no way that you could ever 100% prevent any sort of flood in your home, but there a few ways you can limit your chances.

One of the most common leaks in a residential setting is from the supply lines on your toilets and appliances. First off I would recommend that you check every water supply line in your home (toilets, sinks, fridge, washer machine, dish washer, ice makers) and make sure that none of those supply lines are plastic supply lines. Plastic supply lines often age very quickly and become brittle and can begin to crack and leak. I would then take pictures of all of your plastic supply lines and go to your local hardware store and find metal braided supply lines to replace those asap.

Another common source of water damage that you can reduce your chances of happening is from your AC unit in your attic space. Over time your condensation pans can either become rusted and leak, or the drain line can become clogged causing the water to build up in the pan until it is overfilled and begins to leak into your attic space. In order to prevent this from happening you can do personal inspections on the condensation pan yourself, or hire a trusted AC professional to come out and inspect your unit and pan at the beginning of each summer to make sure there is no damage to the pan or that your drain line is not clogged.

Rusted Condensation Pan

Lastly, unsecured drain hoses from your washing machine can accidentally become dislodged after moving around the washing machine, or just overtime wiggle its way out and drain all over your floor. A quick fix is to get a zip tie and secure the drain hose to either the hot water supply line, or the cold water supply line. All this does is keep the drain hose from lifting out while the washing machine is pumping out water after a load of laundry.

How to secure drain hose on washing machine

If you ever find any sort of water damage in your home please call Good Times Restoration, The Restoration Professionals of Arizona, immediately and we will be on our way to your house within 90 min day or night to start the process of Saving your property and Bring you back to Good Times!

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