When it comes to Water Damage Restoration you might want to reconsider DIY

DIY home renovation and repair has become an ever growing trend throughout America. Many people have had great success improving their homes which overall is something that they should be proud of. Naturally this has given many people a sense of confidence that they can handle any home related issue themselves. When it comes to water damage this might work on smaller spills but this could get you in over your head very quickly if you attempt to tackle a larger flood yourself. Below is a list of reasons why it is recommended to contact a water damage restoration specialist like Good Times Restoration anytime there is a flood, plumbing leak, faulty appliance, sewage backup, hurricane or roof leak that could cause water to enter areas it was not intended to be.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Any reputable water restoration company should have commercial grade drying equipment to correctly dry out a structure. This will usually include tools for water extraction, moisture meters, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers and specialized equipment for certain drying situations that are out of the norm. Water extraction is a key step in the process that will often significantly reduce the spreading of damage and will also reduce the overall drying time. A commercial grade water extractor used by a certified water technician is much more effective then using a wet/dry vac or mopping up water with a towel. Another very important tool is a dehumidifier. These pieces of equipment reduce the overall humidity which in turn improves drying time. Without this, humidity levels could increase to the point of creating secondary damage to unaffected items as well as promoting microbial growth. Although many people have fans on hand that do posses the power to move air and promote evaporation, most of them do not move enough air to correctly dry a structure. Professional axial, radial, or centrifugal fans move much more air than a traditional house hold fan which in turn allows them to dry a structure at an acceptable rate. The most important tool that most DIY homeowners lack are moisture meters. These allow a technician to determine exactly what areas are wet and how wet these areas might be. Attempting to dry a structure without these would be like attempting the project completely blind. The simple feel test with your hand is not accurate enough to determine what is wet or dry. Overall using the right equipment plays a very important role in completing the water damage restoration correctly so it is strongly discouraged to attempt any water mitigation without it. Contact a water damage company.

Overlooking Potential Damage that Might Be Hard to Spot

Anytime water damage occurs it is very important to have an experienced water technician assess the situation to determine all potential areas that could be affected. Water has a unique way of finding its way into areas that you would never suspect so experience is very important to find all possible spots the water could have traveled. Even experienced water technicians can be surprised at times so don't assume water damage is only in the obvious spots because it will often have spread beyond where it was initially discovered.

Underestimating the Seriousness

Water damage can become very expensive at a rapid pace. Ignoring the problem or ineffectively dealing with the problem can lead to a very expensive bill. If not dealt with in a timely matter, water damage can often lead to mold growth which amplifies the damage already present. Water damage also tends to spread further and further overtime as water wicks or flows to surrounding materials. Don't wait, call a water restoration professional to handle your water damage repairs.


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