Why its Important to Check for Signs of Mold in your House

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Discovering mold in your house can be overwhelming and scary. Mold can grow almost anywhere and can cause serious negative health issues. For many reasons, it’s important to check for mold growth around your house. In this blog post we hope to explain these reasons, give tips on where and how to look for mold growth in your home, and to let you know what to do if mold is discovered.

Negative health impacts

We know the health of you and your family is a number one priority. Unfortunately, mold is known to cause negative health problems and this is why it’s very important to check your house for signs of mold sooner rather than later. Some symptoms of mold include; allergies, fatigue, runny or blocked nose, irritated throat, irritated eyes, headaches and more.

Insurance considerations

Something you may not realize is the homeowners insurance coverage in regards to mold. Many homeowners insurances do not cover mold damage, especially mold that was a result of a preventable water leak, high humidity, or flooding. They don’t cover mold damages because insurance companies believe homeowners should be proactive in fixing these issues before they get big and out of hand. They expect you to take care of your house and do routine maintenance checks to prevent things such as mold growth and damage. This is why it’s important to routinely check your house for signs of mold and take care of mold issues before they any bigger.

Spotting mold in your home

Mold can grow almost anywhere, but thrives in warm moist environments. It is commonly found in areas including showers and damp windowsills. Discoloration of walls, ceilings, floors, abnormalities in paint, bubbling, peeling, or cracking of walls or baseboards are all be signs of water damage and can also be the site of mold growth. You can check for visible mold growth in these areas. Mold can sometimes be mistaken for soot or dust so be careful not to make this mistake. Even if you can’t visibly see mold growth there are other signs of growth such as mildew-like odors. Check your house thoroughly for signs of mold, paying special attention to areas more exposed to moisture. Note any smells or visual signs of mold growth. If you currently have or have had water damage, you should give Good Times Restoration a call. Good Times Restoration can help you with any water damage and mold remediation as a result of water damage.

Remediation of small areas of mold growth

Every home can experience some mold from time to time, especially in those moist areas such as showers and windowsills. For those small areas, regular cleaning with bleach can suffice for getting rid of the mold. But be aware, if you are visually able to see mold growth in areas of your home, there could be much bigger issues of mold in areas you are unable to see. If you are ever unsure to the extent of the mold, do not hesitate to call Good Times Restoration; we are available 24/7 for emergency response. You never want to risk the health of you and your family so let the professionals take care of major mold problems and even minors ones that you are unsure of.

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